Mumbai-based Infolink Health Services Pvt Ltd, the company behind the online diagnostic services platform, has raised an undisclosed amount in funding from Hyderabad Angels and Lead Angels.Read More >>

"Typically patients still need tests done after they are discharged, but hospitals and labs may not be geared to provide logistics for home sample collection"Read More >>

The problem with most diagnostic centres is that their work timings often clash with your office hours. This is why healthcare portals are now bringing lab testing services to your doorstep. Mumbai based (9022533888) lets you book and avail of health check-ups at any of the labs in the city by transporting samples from your office/home to the lab for a minimum charge of Rs 75.Read More >>

Gulabchand Taparia, A Septuagenarian, is anaemic. Although he is well cared for by his son, the Taparia scion's hectic corporate life leaves him with hardly anytime to accompany his father to regular pathological tests. Read More >>

HEALTHCARE is now just a click away. One can consult a doctor, seek a second opinion, get a lab test done, buy pharmaceutical products or maintain health records sitting at homeRead More >>

The problem with most diagnostic centers are that their work timings often clash with your office hours. This is why health care portals are now bringing lab services to your doorstep - TOI 09th April 2012Read More >>

One of the earliest services to go online was banking, and a major factor was the working hours of banks, that collided with those of their customers. Online banking started in New York in 1981 when four of the city’s major banks offered home banking services using the videotex system. Three decades later, we see many services that have reached the WWW, and people are still conjuring up novel ideas to help consumersRead More >>

Anung of Dimapur, Nagaland, suffers from a condition known as "gluten intolerance", but couldn't find gluten-free foods near where he lives. He finally managed to source gluten=free food from online portal,Read More >>

How often have you heard 'Health is Wealth'? Yet,in our busy lives and the constant desire to achieve greater heights in our careers, health often takes a backseat. We may take care to cover ourselves against any medical exigency by investing time and money to buy a suitable health insurance policy.Read More >>

Operational since Jan 2012, was set up with the objective of ‘Simplifying Diagnostics’ for the customer. Very early in their careers, Novella Laurence and Aneesh Khanna realized that ‘Standardized Customer Care’ was something that was grossly missing in the overall Healthcare Sector.Read More >>

How often do we skip a routine check-up for cholesterol or diabetes because getting to a lab on a Sunday morning feels like a lousy idea? Mumbai-based MyLabYogi wants to change all that."The intention is to simplify diagnostics for customers" Says Novella Lawrence, COO and Co-founderRead More >> interviewed Novella Lawrence (COO) and Aneesh Khanna (CEO), Founders of about their wonderful service for providing a portal to book your health checkups online and at your convenience. The service is currently available in Mumbai city. We are grateful to the founders for providing insightful details Read More >>

Dhruvil Patel,26 is a regular on health portals. It's where he buys nutritional supplements and contact lenses, for a price up to 40 per cent cheaper. Patel turned to these portals Read More >>

No time to get your cholesterol levels tested or unable to decipher what the test report means? Well, promises to demystify that diagnostic report for you.Read More >>