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“I am perfectly fine!!”

“A Health Check Up takes half a day, who has the time”

“What if something terrible comes up in the health check up reports”

These are all typical responses to conducting a Preventive Health Check Up. The truth is that identifying and treating a ‘Condition/Disease’ in its earliest stages can be relatively easy, sometimes requiring little more than a simple prescription or lifestyle modification. But helping a patient combat the effects of an advanced disease can be quite difficult, time consuming and expensive. offers ‘Health Checks@Home’, that keep in mind your convenience and Preventive Health Check requirements as per your Age, Gender, Personal or Family history and Lifestyle patterns. Mylabyogi Health Checks cover pathology screening tests that make up almost 80% of most Preventive Health Checks, along with an ‘ECG@home’, wherever required, in just 30 minutes.

You may browse through the list of Preventive Health Checks and book online or call us on 90225 33888 to help you make a decision on the appropriate Preventive Health Check for yourself or your family.

Stay Healthy!!